Dear Celeste

Dear Celly,  

First off, imma call you Celly from hear on out, as it is how I normally refer to you. Celeste is a beautiful name, and a beautiful woman, but Celly is the dear friend that I am writing to. Also, let me offer a blanket apology for any misspellings or grammar errors, my English major friend.

Secondly, I’m sure you are wondering, what the hell is this? Well, let me tell you. You’ve had some rough times, my friend, and bad days and sad days and worse decisions sometimes. But you are a lovely, beautiful person, my friend, and exactly that-my friend. The implication in that descriptor is that I love you-unconditionally, unreservedly, and irrevocably. Because in my opinion, that’s how love really works, and it doesn’t count as true friendship if it doesn’t equal family, and it doesn’t count as family if it doesn’t include love. So, long story short, you are my sister, and I love you. As I write this very post, we have 100 days left of our senior year of undergraduate education–100 days of living and laughing and loving together. At least, in the same place and time. So I decided, in the vein of having been writing you notes this year whenever you need a pick-me-up, that I was going to compile a collection of letters, and sketches, and photos, and songs, and whatever else I come up with, for you to look at whenever you need them. Some of them will probably be intended for specific events or occasions, others just ’cause. I’m intending to make this a daily thing, so you’ll have roughly 100 (at least) things to read upon graduation, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, the idea is that you’ll have these letters and sundry as a way for me to tell you things that I wish I could out loud, or that I think you need (or will need) to hear, and a way to just remind you that, no matter what, you are not alone. You are loved. You have a friend in me always, and this may be the best that I can do to be there for you when you need it later on when we aren’t together, but I’m trying, I’m reaching out, and all you need to do is reach back, to ask, and I’ll be there. So, I guess, sit back, read, and remember that I love you.

All my love,



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