I Told You So

Dear Celly,

Yeah, that probably doesn’t sound very nice. I promise, I mean it with good humor. This morning you admitted that I gave you sound advice months ago that you should have followed, and lots of warnings against a poor life choice, and that you should have listened to me. Well, duh, I responded, I’m always right. Which is not entirely true (I’m like Lysol-it kills 99.9% of the germs, I’m right 99.9% of the time), but I have a pretty good track record. You have made lots of decisions over the past years, and this year in particular that I shake my head and give you a disapproving look for, and you laugh at me and go on your way. And, well, I’m always right. You recently had a conversation with a friend about a boy you both knew, and were dogging on him, and I distinctly recall both of you being over the moon about him once upon a time. And me thinking you both were nuts. Who was right? Oh yeah, me. Anyway I’m reminding you of this now not to rub it in your face, but as a reminder. As you read all of the letters and sundry I am putting together here for you, remember-Bailey is always right. Ergo, you should listen to all the things I have to say and take them to heart. So when I tell you that you need to go fix a bowl of ice cream with all the toppings and dig in for some soul comfort, you should go do that. Or if I tell you to Google fluffy kittens, guess what? You oughtta do that too. And when I tell you that you are amazing, incredible, capable, and that I love you? Well…

I’m always right.

All my love,



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