Dear Celly,

Procrastination. Something that you and I both are Olympic champions at. Writing a paper 3 hours before class. Pulling an all-nighter because you just couldn’t stop clicking on internet videos. Putting an end to a relationship. We need to work on that. My philosophy though, a lot of the time, is that when it comes to some things like papers and homework versus, say, a cool sketch or a new poem, that sometimes what looks like procrastination, and sounds like it, and oftentimes produces the same results…really is just a different kind of prioritizing. Yeah, an A on that essay is important to your grade. Having enough sleep to be functional and alert and able to participate is pretty important too. But the memories, or the emotions that are tied to what we are replacing those things with–those are pretty important too. As I write this, I am procrastinating on a ton of homework-which prompted this post topic. But I am banking on the fact that this collection of letters and such, the amount of love I’m pouring into these for you, the difference they may make when you are reading these at some point in the future of when I am writing it –these things are way more important than reading some dead guy’s book. Goodness knows I never sleep enough anyway, and I think this is worth the difference in a hour or too. So when we get the chance for a 2 am Waffle House run, or get inspired at a totally inconvenient time…let’s take advantage. We aren’t procrastinating. We’re prioritizing living over just existing. So Celly-take a moment, or an hour, to push everything away and just do something fantastic, however you may define that.

All my love,



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